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Bangkok Boxing Fitness | Frequently Asked Questions


Fitness Kickboxing, MMA, Muay Thai and Boxing at two Atlanta area locations in Midtown and Gwinnett


I’m not good/strong/fit enough yet.

No one is! There is never a perfect time to start a boxing class. You weren’t a great driver when you first got into a car either but you went for it anyways and it worked out fine.


It’s intimidating.

Yes, it is. All new things are. Think about your first week in pre-school. Go at your own pace, stay comfortable with your abilities, and remember that no one is rushing you. Our fitness instructors will work with you at any level.


I’m too old.

Someone forgot to tell that to this person. You are never too old to start a fitness class! Better late than never!


It’s too hard.

Quality training at any skill level is never easy! Remember that things that are worth doing are often difficult. Kickboxing fitness helps you develop the confidence to believe that nothing is too hard.


I haven’t got the time.

The most successful people on the planet might have this excuse but this is what they do.


It’s not in the budget.

Count your take out meals, nights out and impulse spending. You will be amazed.


I have a chronic bad back/shoulder/knee.

That’s why it’s better you train with professionals. We also train fighters, they get hurt frequently so we have experience. Many injuries can be worked through or around. It’s better than avoidance.


I don’t need a coach.

Are you kidding? Even the best coaches need a coach. Read Member Testimonials

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