Ajarn Khunpon – Muay Thai Head Coach

Train with a Legend – 30 Years Experience

Internationally recognized as one of the world’s top Muay Thai talents, Khunpon first began honing his skills as the eight-year-old prodigy son of a family whose heritage lay deeply intertwined with that of Muay Thai. Winning his first fight at age nine by way of knockout in the third round, his development as a fighter continued at the gym where it began.

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joKru Jo – Muay Thai/Kickboxing Coach

Train with World Champion

Jo Nattawut a.k.a.Smokin’Jo started Muay Thai training at 10 years old, in his hometown in northern Thailand. At the age of 15, he moved to Nakhonratchasima, Thailand, and trained for an additional 3 years. Afterward, he moved to Bangkok and began fighting in Lumpinee Stadium, which later led to him fighting all around the world. After 5 years of traveling for his fighting career, he landed in Ko Samui, Thailand, where he began teaching.

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Coach Jacob – BJJ / MMA Coach

NFC MMA Champion

Professional Mix Martial Arts fighter with a record of 6w 3L.
2015 NFC Flyweight Champion 125 lbs
2012 IBJJF Pan Ams 3st Place as Brown belt
2010 IBJJF Pan Ams 1st Place as a Purple belt
2007 IBJJF Atlanta OPen 1rd Place as Brown  belt
2007 IBJJF Atlanta Open 3rd Place as a Purple belt

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Coach Arnaldo – Boxing Head Coach

Cuban Boxing Legend

Arnaldo Carreno is originally from Cuba, where he started boxing at age 10. Twelve years of competition saw him amass a total of 138 bouts, 115 of which were victories…

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Coach James – Kids / Kickboxing Coach

James began his Martial Arts training in 2008. Starting in the traditional Korean martial arts of Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. Along his journey to earn his 2nd-degree black belt in TKD, James began teaching. Eventually, he became the head instructor on the floor and fully realized his passion for cultivating martial artists. It was when James attended Bangkok Boxing Fight Night that James realized that while he loved practicing and teaching TKD, Muay Thai was the martial art for him. He is now an up and coming fighter with the dream of going pro.

Berger, Marshall

Coach Marshall – MuayThai / Kickboxing Coach

Marshal Berger has trained under Bangkok Boxing Head Coach Khunpon Dechkampu for 15 years….

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Coach Max – Kids / Kickboxing Coach

Maximiliano Albrieux discovers his love for Martial arts at age of 12 when he was introduced to Kyokushin Karate under Shihan 6 Dan Jose Luis Suarez in his native Uruguay. After Training and competing for 7 years, he decided it was time to move on and that’s when he found in Korean Sipalki a new home for the next 4 year. In 2010, already in State, He discovers his passion for Martial arts again when he found Head Coach Khupon Dechkampu and Bangkok Boxing Fitness. Training in Muaythai not only has given him his love for the sport back, Buta new one in the form of teaching, position that he has now been enjoying for the last 3 year.

Coach Bolo – Kids/Kickboxing




Coach Thomas – Kickboxing Coach




Coach Tazhmin – Kids/Kickboxing Coach


Coach Brain – Kids Coach

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