joJo started his Muay Thai training at just 10 years old, in his hometown in northern Thailand. He joined a Muay Thai camp and his fighting career quickly started. At the age of 15, he moved to Nakorchasima, Thailand, and trained there for an additional 3 years. After his training was complete, he moved to Bangkok and began fighting in Lumpinee Stadium, which later led to him fighting all around the world. After 5 years of travelling for his fighting career, he landed in Kohsamui, Thailand, where he began teaching. 2015 Lion fight World Champion 154 lbs. 2011 Southern Thailand Champion 154 lbs. 2010 World Professional MuayThai Federation(W.P.M.F)World Champion 140 lbs. 2009 World Professional MuayThai Federation(W.P.M.F) World Champion 135 lbs. 2003 East Coast Thailand Champion 90 lbs. 

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