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Fitness Kickboxing Classes help you burn fat and tone up. Stop the cycle of excuses and step into a fun exercise experience that’s downright addictive! Fitness Kickboxing is a high energy workout that is beginner friendly but constantly varied, keeping you interested, motivated, and challenged. While you incorporate all “8 limbs” to stretch and use muscles you never knew you had, you will burn between 700-1035 calories. We offer kickboxing classes at our Midtown / Atlanta or Gwinnett / Duluth locations.

Kickboxing Fitness strikes the perfect balance between technical instruction, combination work, interval training, and body conditioning. Push your limits, develop confidence, and tone your body with the help of our expert instructors. Click here to learn about Bangkok Boxing’s Kickboxing Instructors.


  • Stimulate your mind and body with new exercises
  • Release stress through striking the heavy bag
  • Tone your upper and lower body through full body conditioning drills
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Thai fitness kickboxing is, in fact, the same sport as Muay Thai (which is explained in more detail later on). Nevertheless, where the concept of Thai kickboxing differs from Muay Thai is with regards to its focus on getting in shape (as the name would suggest). In this class, the focus is more on achieving a very intense total body workout, but at the same time, it’s a great way to release pent-up frustrations and for relieving stress. Furthermore, these classes do not make any restrictions on attire. There’s no need for a uniform and no belts that have to be worn. The general rule is that you wear what makes you most comfortable. There’s little risk of injury from contact even though Muay Thai is very much traditionally a contact sport. Our program utilizes specially-designed punching and kicking bags: Thus, there’s no actual need to worry about competing with an overly aggressive opponent, or coming away with a bloody nose and a black eye. Fitness Thai kickboxing is ideal either as a fully-fledged workout program or as a cross-training add-on to your current fitness plan.

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