Muhammad Bilal
Bilal, Muhammad Muhammad Bilal was born with martial arts in his blood. His early experiences with combat sports were under the watchful eye of his father who held black belts in Tae Kwon Do, Goju Gama Karate and Sanuces Ryu Jiu Jitsu. He showed promise early, winning several awards during his youth in point sparring tournaments, but as time went by he felt restricted and sought to test himself outside the limited combat world of point sparring. He joined the army and underwent U.S. Army Combat and CQB Close Quarter Battle training at Fort Benning Georgia. He became solely focused on combat ready techniques that would allow him to defend himself and the lives of those that he was sworn to protect. His new mindset led him to discover the Gracie family’s brand of Jiu Jitsu and the man who brought their name to the forefront of modern combat sports, Royce Gracie. Little did he know that he would meet and begin his introduction to Gracie Jiu Jitsu under the legend himself in a small garage dojo at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. That sweltering day, spent in a cramped garage, grappling battle hardened soldiers who didn’t know the meaning of the word “Quit” affirmed his belief in, and love of, Jiu Jitsu. He then began to hone his grappling abilities with some of the best Jiu Jitsu practitioners in Georgia, training partners he maintains to this day. Muhammad has since went on to expand his Jiu Jitsu base with forays into Judo, Aikido, Shuai Jiao (Chinese folk wrestling) and Chen Tajiquan. Now under the banner of Bangkok Boxing, Muhammad is known for translating fundamental grappling and martial concepts, making them accessible, fun and challenging for our male and female members alike.  

“The Martial Arts is just that, an artform that expresses the true nature of the individual. It is

ultimately more about spirituality than physical aggression.” Muhammad Bilal


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