I joined Bangkok Boxing…

For at least 3-5 months in 2013 during breaks at work, my coworker continually extolled the virtues of this new found love, Muay Thai at Bangkok Boxing.  If you don’t know my friend he has an addictive personality and plunges himself fully into what he puts his hands to (in this case feet, elbows, and knees). So by November 2013, I decided to see what the hype was about. Here is a little background. I am 6 feet 1.5 inches tall and around Nov. 2013 I was 235 lbs.  I never got into running, stopped playing sports and detest lifting weights.  I have zero experience with striking so I was intrigued with this new type of workout. Much to my surprise, Bangkok Boxing Midtown is 2 miles from my new home that I moved to in Sept. 2013 so everything was lining up. So by November 2013, I decided to see what the hype was about.  On a lazy Saturday-morning I waltzed in to take my free fitness kickboxing class on an empty stomach but a heart and mind full of determination.  Long story short I had to stop during my first class and sit out the last 15 minutes because my mind was willing but my body was weak especially feeling lightheaded. I am sure they would not appreciate me throwing up on the mat.  After that first experience with striking, I knew I finally found the workout for me. I signed up on that day and have been religiously attending the gym since then. Unfortunately, I wrongly assumed doing kickboxing class 2-3 days a week warranted my eating whatever I want. Consequently, I ballooned to 248lbs of fat and muscle as of November 4th 1st 2016.  The gym instructors didn’t believe my weight until I stepped on the scale and proved it. Since December 1st, 2016 I have been limiting my daily consumption to 2000 calories per day (via MyFitnessPal) and have been attending the fitness kickboxing class 5 days a week with the goal to lose 50 pounds by November 4th, 2017. This journey has become a team effort with the gym instructors. With their encouragement and them holding me accountable I’ve been dropping around 1.5 pounds a week. Yes, I have a weigh-in every Friday after my fifth workout for the week. As of April 7th, 2017 I’ve lost 20 pounds in 4 months and 2 inches on my waist.  Without Bangkok Boxing I know would not have had this much fun getting in shape.  At this point, Bangkok Team is like family to me.

– Colin Stevens

testimonials-02I joined Bangkok Boxing …

I tried everything before Bangkok Boxing
I moved to Atlanta about 9 months ago and immediately exploited the phenomenal night life and restaurant scene that makes this city wonderful. Unfortunately, it took a toll on my figure. I had gone from 190-215 in about 2 months.  I tried lifting, running, spinning, yoga, and pretty much everything else most gyms have to offer. In one month, working out around 90 minutes a day, I gained 2lbs. The next month I did the Atkins diet along with the excessive working out, and lost 2lbs. Spending time at the gym eventually felt like prison, I wasn’t happy with what I was eating, and I hated not getting any results.I had seen the sign for Bangkok Boxing on 75 and was curious so I stopped in. There was a kickboxing class in session, with a trainer encouraging his class to hold a six inch killer for 3 minutes. He was pushing his class to the brink of exhaustion with jabs, elbows, knees, and kicks to punching bags. The owner offered me one free class, and I attended the next day. It was brutal, and by the far hardest workout I had ever done. However, in 1 hour I burned 1100 calories. I actually lost 1lb the first day. I bought a 1-month membership, to test it and really see if it was for me. I went at least 4 days a week to the kickboxing class. By the end of the first month, I had lost 10lbs. I was hooked and became a member. By the end of the second month I had lost another 10. The third month, I began experimenting with their muay thai, no gi jiu-jitsu and boxing classes. I pushed myself to make it five days a week, and I lost another 20 lbs. I was 175lbs- the same weight I started my Freshman year of college 10 years ago and never thought I would be again. Now, I go 4-5 a week and eat and drink whatever I want. I have been able to maintain 175 for almost 4 months. I actually enjoy my time at Bangkok Boxing, and look forward to going every day. They have a multitude of options now for fitness such as bootcamp, kickboxing, and CrossCOMBAT- which is similar to Crossfit. They are all amazing! If you are interested in hand to hand combat- the muay thai, boxing, and jiu-jitsu classes are very disciplined, competitive, and informative. You will become a better fighter- I can throw a pretty nasty hook, apply a triangle or guillotine choke, and even know how to do a roundhouse kick. I am not saying Bangkok Boxing is easy. You have to put in the time. However, you will not find a better staff for fitness in the city of Atlanta. They are persistent, knowledgeable, and will push you to the get the most of the time you spend at the gym. Most of them are amateur or professional fighters, and will be with training with you in the classes. So if you are serious about losing weight- try a free session! It only takes once to get hooked.

– Steve


This place is great.

I first tried out some classes on a Groupon deal back in Dec. 2013 and loved it so much that I knew I had to join! As a first time kick boxer, the gym was a little imitating at the beginning. But the amazing instructors and staff quickly made me feel at home. They welcome all fitness levels, so don’t think you have to already be in shape to workout here. And as two other Yelpers pointed out, I too have almost puked half way through a workout. That’s a good sign – trust me. The newly added CrossCombat classes (basically CrossFit) have added another level to my workout that has really made my results skyrocket. Love this place!

– Erin Kadzis

I started taking classes here last October to try a new workout.

I was growing tired of the same old thing. I must admit this was the best decision ever! My very first class was intense (and they still are lol). You get a great workout every single time! The instructors are great! The staff is pretty friendly! I recommend giving it a try.

– Ashley Lightsey

I didn’t know how poor my physical fitness level…

… was until I started going to this gym and attending their Fitness kickboxing class. Their cross training class is just as demanding. I’ve never done such a workout in my life. So in that way it was enlightening. I would describe their fitness classes as genius (they are always a little different, and they make me do things with my body I’ve never done before that challenges and improves my mind and body). I agree with the reviewer who said he almost threw up his first class. I had to battle that for more than one of my first classes. I didn’t want to make a mess lol. So they are intense. And you learn things mentally as well. So the class is mentally and physically challenging. I prefer the boxing fitness class to the cross training class because I learn punches, kicks, knees, and elbows in addition to fitness. I’ve been a furniture mover for seven years at Two Men And A Truck, so, again, I was surprised at how poor my physical conditioning was as discovered by my performance in these classes. I signed up because I suspected I was in poor shape, and I wanted to start working out. But I hate working out alone. These classes meet that purpose two fold. Not only am I working out with others around me, but I have an instructor pushing me. I love that. The staff is very friendly–a pleasure to work with. They sometimes walk around and give me individualized instruction on my technique. Finally, I love making progress. Today, for example, I realized my round-house kicks had become very powerful. I then loved slamming the bag….boom! In sum, I highly recommend this gym for technical as well as fitness training. Go Bangkok boxing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Lincoln Stillwagon

I love this place!

I’ve been going here a little over a year- all the instructors are very helpful and always pay attention to everyone in class and will correct you if your doing a move wrong or if you missed the combination. Give them a try- you wont be disappointed.

– Heather Hennessey

Been working out here for over 2 years now, and I love it!

If you want a really kick-ass intense work out…the kickboxing classes are for you! ” Victor and “Thai Joe” both are really great instructors. they both have been and are currently professional fighters..so they know what they are doing. The classes are amazing, the energy they bring to the class really helps you work harder and go farther than you ever thought you could. the classes are not for the weak or faint of heart..you will be a sweaty mess when you are done..but , you will be filled with pride that you actually made it through the class and can still walk out of the gym when it is all over. They have various classes in the am and pm. Because of my schedule i take advantage of the am classes. Come and experience it for yourself.

– Danielle Brown

I LOVE this gym!

And compared to other gyms, it really is affordable! It is an entire body work out and an amazing stress reliever as well. Good for body, mind and spirit! All the trainers are incredibly helpful and encouraging. The gym has an old school feel, in that everyone as welcome and encouraged wherever they are, whatever shape they are in, and with whatever goals they are trying to achieve. I love all the classes. This is a work out that never gets old.

– Mary-Elizabeth Stone

Best workout in Atlanta, the instructors are great and push you hard but respect all fitness levels.

Complete mix of people training, all ages and abilities. Lots of classes to choose from every day. Great place to get fit, strong, and learn martial arts techniques. Come and give it go.

– Simon Robson

Best Muay Thai in the Atlanta area, no question.

I’ve done Muay Thai for a long time and knew about this gym before I moved out here to Atlanta at the end of last year. Getting to train with a Thai legend, an American champion, and another Thai legend-in-the-making really make this gym stand out. All the people at this gym have been awesome and there is a really friendly, family-like atmosphere. Initially, when I moved here the drive from work to the gym intimidated me and I was impressed by the facilities at a gym closer to work so I signed up at that one instead. Unfortunately the gym closer to work was not at all enjoyable. Signed a year contract at the other place, but I was fed up with it very quickly. I tried to wait out a year of buyer’s remorse, but after 9 months I bit the bullet of paying for 2 gyms just to have some place to go that I enjoy. I’ve been at this gym almost a month now and have probably attended more Muay Thai classes than at the other gym altogether. If fitness is your thing, this gym has some killer fitness classes, including loads of cardio bag classes and even Crossfit classes. The instructors get to know you by name and are very friendly, at the same time they will push you to really get a good workout. Really can’t say enough about the positive atmosphere at this gym. It’s such a night and day difference from where I was before.

– Eric Koeppen

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