Thomas Mealer
Thomas Mealer Thomas Mealer, native to Atlanta, Georgia, is a multi-talented, diverse, open-minded soul. He has always had a passion for athletics, physical fitness, acrobatics, and arts of all kinds. As a child, he pursued gymnastics in the hope of joining the circus one day and traveling the world. Stricken with wanderlust, he opted to use, not acrobatics, but his musical talents to travel and play in bands for the better part of a decade. In 2001, Thomas decided to try his hand at boxing, found a run-down, city owned gym in Chicago that smelled of nothing but sweat, leather, and feet (gross, right?). After returning to Atlanta, feeling the need to continue the sport, he eventually made his way Kru Khunpon Dechkampu who nurtured Thomas’ boundless energy and developed him into a highly technical Thai Boxer. He has been addicted to Muay Thai ever since. As an instructor, Thomas’ kickboxing sessions are brimming with his multifaceted approach to fitness. “…fitness, just like art, is more than just physical, but mental and spiritual as well, providing fuel for life and a means for balance, opening endless doors and providing endless opportunities.”  

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