Training for a Mud Run: So You Want to be a Spartan Rugged Warrior Savage Mudder?

Apr 30th, 2014

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Training for a Mud Run: So You Want to be a Spartan Rugged Warrior Savage Mudder?

mud-run-shoe Remember when you were young and you saw that post-rain mud puddle glistening in the sun? A few hops later and your clothes were dirty and your face was grinning. Perhaps it’s this inner child that Mud Runs tap into. Or maybe it’s the primordial Me vs. Nature. Who will prevail? Who will dominate? Or maybe it’s just a great way to exercise that ends in a beer. Whatever the mudder’s motivation, Mud Runs have exploded in popularity. Obstacle Course Races are sprouting up all over Georgia—from the rolling woods waaaaay OTP to the urban stomping grounds of Turner Field. These races are a great way to get fit, meet people, and have a lot of fun. The secret to a really fun Mud Run is being fit enough to enjoy the race. Too often, mudders won’t train and prepare for the race and struggle out on the course. Putting in time to train for a mud run will pay off big time on race day! Here are a few helpful tips on how to train for a mud run: • Run. The good news about most Mud Runs is the course length is typically 3-4 miles. So relax, you’re not training for an Ironman. If you aren’t a runner, start your training slowly with walk/jog intervals. Each week do a long distance, building to three miles. If you can easily run three miles then you’ll be ready for races like Spartan Sprint or Savage Race. Keep in mind, there will be obstacles sprinkled throughout the course so you typically won’t run for more than .75 mile without encountering an obstacle. For the longer course Mud Runs ranging 10-12 miles, like Tough Mudder or Spartan Beast, build your long distance run to at least 8 miles. It’s SO easy to postpone running. We’ve all done it. “I’ll start tomorrow.” “I’ll just add an extra mile to my next run.” Join a running group like Atlanta’s Urban Run Club to stay accountable and meet new people. • Strength and Conditioning Circuit Training. While your run training will get you easily from obstacle to obstacle, you’ll still need strength to pull yourself up cargo nets, give a hand to fellow mud runner over high walls, and traverse across monkey bars. Circuit training moves you from drill to drill and keeps your heart rate up. This is the same action you’ll encounter on the mud course when jog into an obstacle. Take part in our Bangkok Bootcamp. This class is the perfect solution to easily cover resistance and strength training in a fun, one hour workout. The kettlebell and body weight drills will improve hand and core strength so you can crush those monkey bars and skip the race day penalty burpees. Bangkok Bootcamp’s agility drills will help you nimbly navigate the balance beams to miss the cold mud baths waiting below. Get 2-3 strength and conditioning circuits in a week to be Mud Run ready. Check our training schedules in Midtown Atlanta or Gwinnett to see the upcoming classes near you. • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This part of the training involves bursts of activity with periods of low to moderate activity. In the high intensity activity periods, you push your body to the anaerobic zone and trigger a whole-body energy expenditure. This is the same behavior you’ll encounter on race day when you sprint up a half pipe to the top or run through electrified wires. The periods of low to moderate activity teach your body to recover and return to oxygen to your muscles. Sprint circuits are an effective high intensity interval training method. Our Muay Thai Kickboxing class is another option and a lot more fun than sprints! Get 1-2 HIIT training days in a week. Follow these three mud run training tips and you’ll be ready leap fire, scale walls, and most importantly—cross the finish line! Check out this Mud Run website for a list of upcoming races in Georgia. We believe you can cross the finish line. So find a buddy, sign up for a race, and get started today!

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