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Boxing is one of the oldest and most efficient combat sports. Here at Bangkok Boxing, the “sweet science” meets exercise science. In our classes, you will learn to generate powerful, smooth, and efficient punches using proper body mechanics and footwork. Our experienced trainers will use heavy bag work, focus mitt drills, and an array of conditioning and skill work to put you through one of the most challenging workouts out there. Rise to the challenge of one of our Boxing classes today! Book Your Free Trial Class Now!

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Boxing is described as a combination of a combat sport and a martial art. It’s a contest between two opponents, both of whom engage each other by throwing punches with gloved hands. It involves strength, endurance, reflexes, speed, and often great will power in order to succeed. A bout or contest is supervised by a trained referee. The bout features a series of time intervals, which are otherwise known as rounds. A round can be from anything between one and three minutes in duration. The result of a bout is decided when it is deemed by the presiding referee that one or other of the opponents is unfit to continue, for whatever reason. Furthermore, a bout can be decided on disqualification of one of the contenders for breaking a rule, or indeed, when one opponent resigns by throwing in the towel. Should the bout continue to the end of the final round however, then the winner will be decided based on judges’ scorecards. Nevertheless, the final decision may well be a draw. It is thought that boxing as a sport was introduced as an Olympic game in Greece, as long ago as 688 BC. In Great Britain, boxing evolved during the time between the 16th and 18th centuries, when prizefights were held. Prizefights were known to draw in large audiences and many a wager was placed on the outcome of the fight. Modern-day boxing evolved in Great Britain during the mid-19th century, after which, it began to become widely accepted in the United States.

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